Taking my bike for a walk

The stretch of road pictured below is part of an official bike route. The route is classified as medium.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I don’t have to explain that I had to take my bike for a walk there. It was already quite tough to walk up there, let alone dragging a not so lightweight bike over the rocky surface.

What to expect for the rest of the day? It did not look good for a while, a small rocky path that was perfect for walking, but required some daredevil bikers.

It was a kind of mental process I was going through. At first I thought I was going for a nice bike ride, but after the first kilometre I found myself walking because the path is steep and rocky, my muscles were not warm enough to deliver the amount of power needed to push the bike over the rocks, and I was scared. That all made me a bit angry. Stupid Spaniards, they don’t know anything about cycling! Did they ever go up here before plotting this as a medium cycle route on their maps?

After a while, I decided that it I was just taking my bike for a walk, and I tried to think about what to tell my friends afterwards. ‘I got up there with a bike.’ Though even that was not true, because my travel companion dragged my bike up the steepest hill for me.

But then things started to change. The path became more cyclable. And then, inevitably, comes the moment that you feel that you want to get back on your bike. So I did. More warmed up now, I was able to get up some rocky grades. Also, I was getting more and more relaxed in steering my bike downhill. I have never had so much fun on a mountainbike before.20130509_125232

Thinking back, this path was one of the best cycle routes we have ever seen. It runs alongside a mountain that forms the coastline of Cabo the Gata in southern Spain. A pity that I had to keep my eyes on the road most of the time. But taking my bike for a walk to look around more just wasn’t an option.


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