How wheels derange traffic in railway terminals

I have always thought that the phrase ‘I need wheels’ was strictly related to the automobile section of transport. But nowadays it seems to apply to public transport too.

Most often, when humans want to travel faster, they get themselves onto a set of wheels. Or just one. Cars, trains, bicycles, unicycles, skateboards; even airplanes have wheels.

Still, when we ‘need wheels’, it means that we want to have our personal set of wheels. Preferably with a cover over it so we don’t get wet, room for our luggage, and a comfortable chair to sit in.

Aha, so wheels are not all about speed but also about comfort!

That explains a lot. About what? About the wheel terror that deranges traffic in busy public transport terminals.

A few decades ago, it was discovered that suitcases are much easier to carry around when they are fitted with some wheels. An excellent innovation, although it comes with a lot of extra noise. But while it first concerned suitcases that would otherwise come at the cost of one’s back, the wheel industry has already reached small backpacks. And I would not be surprised to see the first handbags on wheels any time soon.

In a way, when pulling your bag on wheels, you are like a truck and trailer. You take almost triple the amount of floor space as without it, and your manoeuvring takes time and irritates people. If you are perfectly healthy and able to carry your load yourself, why would you want to take so much public space and add to the inefficiency of railway terminals? Really, we don’t always need those wheels.

2014-02-19 15.19.38


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