Spending half a year of your life in a fake city

I am puzzled. Very. By an advertisement I saw in the newspaper lately. Something was offered at a price of 75.000 euros. And half a year of spare time is needed to consume it.

Since this is a transport blog, you probably have figured that this has something to do with travelling. Wrong! It is a cruise, and a cruise has nothing to do with travelling. It uses a means of transport, and you can visit places around the world, but that’s about it.

So what is it if it is not travelling? That is what I am still confused about. But at least there are some things that explain why it is not travelling.

On a ship, sailing the ocean, you lose touch with the world. Staring out of the boat you see nothing but sea. And turning inwards you see the same people every day, eat the same type of food every day, and watch the same type of shows every day. You are governed by a commercial company in a fake city.

The only escape you have is when you arrive at one of the stops. But then just a small amount of time allows you to visit a city you do not know and that you cannot possibly place in the bigger picture of the country it is part of. Because you came over sea instead of over land.

If I would have half a year of spare time I want to be in touch with the real world, real communities, and real transport – the one that brings you from A to B for a reason and not to entertain you. To get inspired instead of empty-headed.

Nevertheless, I am curious what kind of people book a cruise like the one advertised. And I am even more curious how they experienced it. If they still want to talk to me.


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