How Occupy changed traffic

Take a nice circular green, situated in the walking route around the city of Amersfoort in The Netherlands. As far as I know, everybody nicely walked around the green, although it was not the shortest route.

Then came Occupy. For months the green was turned into a city camping which had a disastrous effect on the grass. Afterwards, new grass seeds were sown, but people had discovered that you could actually walk on the green. As if Occupy took away the barrier of entering it.

2014-10-22 18.15.44

The shortcut everybody always wanted, but were afraid to take, came into existence in the form of an ‘elephant trail’ as it is called in Dutch. Elephants usually take the shortest route, and keep taking the same route, and as a result nothing grows on these paths.

One thing I know is, while Occupy was temporary, their effect is here to stay.


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