Why do people put everything on wheels?

I think it was in 2010 on the river Wye that I first encountered a Stand Up Paddler. For those of you who have never seen it before, Stand Up Paddling is done standing on a surfboard, moving yourself forwards with a large paddle. It looks as if some equipment got lost on the way, like a castaway making his way home with anything that is left of the ship. But it is getting rather popular and seems to be a good workout.

However, it has gone nuts lately, because today I saw someone on the street doing the same thing on a skateboard. Seriously. Why, if something is nice to do, do people always put it on wheels?

Look at ice-skating or cross-country skiing. They each have their rolling equivalent. Maybe it has something to do with the attractiveness of these sports combined with the availability of water, ice and snow. If you want to practice anywhere, wheels are a perfect solution.

The question arises what is ‘the real thing’. I tend to prefer the water, snow and ice environment. You can go out in nature and if you crash you skin stays intact. Wheels are surrogate to me.

Wait, there is one exception. The bicycle. Ever tried a pedal boat? There you go.



1 thought on “Why do people put everything on wheels?

  1. Koos

    Ik zag ze ook op de Thames, daardoor kon ik niet zien of er wielen onder zaten :). Maar het is een heel dom gezicht en als lange lijs die niet altijd zo stevig op zijn benen staat, moet ik er niet aan denken me zo voort te bewegen. Sorry voor mijn Engels.


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