Train planning by images

I was confused. Furthermore, it was confusing that I was confused. It was all about a train trip that I made almost daily between 2005 and 2012, from Amersfoort to Delft.

Last week, I was making the same trip again. Nothing new, you would say. But something in me decided to look it up in the train planner, which was odd because I know exactly at what time the trains in that direction leave. Another something made me raise my eyebrows when I was advised to change trains in Rotterdam. Over all these seven years I had travelled via Rotterdam. But why didn’t I remember that, and why did I think it did not make sense? Am I getting old, perhaps?

It was something that could not be figured out in an armchair. I needed to get out there, make the trip and find out what was going on. And the bottom line was: I am doing fine – thank you – but my photographic memory is working too well.

The station of Delft has gone through a huge change after I came there daily. There is a new and bigger station hall and the tracks are now underground. I had been there before, so I knew where I was going, but I did not associate it with a place I had often been. So, that could be what made me look up the train times. First puzzle solved.

Rotterdam’s primary station also changed quite a bit since 2012, and while it was a familiar station to me already, it was not a familiar station in relation to my regular journeys to Delft. Tada!

I had never come up with the idea that my brain might use images of stations as its waypoints for travel planning. It just looks as if it does. And if it does not, I am still confused.


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